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Wheat Field


The mission of Faithful to Truth is clear and concise: to guide individuals into a saving relationship with Jesus, offering practical, step-by-step guidance for a born-again experience. We are committed to the complete restoration of individuals—physically, mentally, spiritually, and even financially.

Our marching orders are found in Revelation 14:6-12. These verses provide the banner upon which our ministry stands. Our ultimate mission is to prepare a people who will be ready to stand firm when Jesus Christ returns for the second time.

"Men lost all because he chose to listen to the deceiver rather than to Him who is truth, who alone has understanding." 

ED 25.3


Our ultimate vision is to become a practical model that begins in one location and spreads globally, unified by the spirit of God. We aim to work in perfect harmony with brothers and sisters who are wholeheartedly dedicated to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Our vision is to become that shining city on a high hill, a beacon for the world, testifying that Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, is the creator of all things and is worthy of worship alone. We seek to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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